Tim Burton toy cartoon character gets the treatment

Quite possibly the worst weather of the year is occurring right now with little publicity from the weather folks. It’s not a disastrous, violent snow storm. Instead it’s rain with snow with cold with dark looming clouds. It’s not the best weather to roll around in with a camera unless you’re able to brave the cold and rain. I’m inside my apartment, doing work but set up some time aside to do this shoot. It’s pretty much what I want to do with a human being but since there’s no one around, I used a Tim Burton toy for a stand in. I might do more of these since I’m freaked out about this temperature situation.

Look how stupid this set up is. So easy. So fun:

The green lighting is due to the gel I had in my SB-900 speedlight that fired into a 40" umbrella. Three foam boards put together. Highly recommend them since they're only a few bucks for some great flexibility in the lighting department. Check out that Tim Burton poster in the background. Yes, it's true. I'm a fan. This was shot with my iPhone and ridiculous timing.

Observe finished product:

I did a little work in Lightroom 3 to make it just slightly more cartoonish. Wasn't too crazy about the contrast "situation" on the right side of his head but it helps add to the cartoon motif I was going for. So there. The red light is from a head lamp focused camera left. F/8.0, ISO 160, 1/4 second.


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