The Cross

Last year I saw a documentary about Black Metal. There was a musician who was imprisoned in Norway, I believe, for burning down churches. He took his belief all the way. I’m not religious, however I felt his act was horrendous considering how many people seek comfort in their religion –whatever religion it may be. But then he said something that felt like a punch in the stomach. He said that his country’s people had been violently forced to convert to Christianity. Methods of coercion such as burning at stakes, disembowelment, and cold-blooded murder were committed upon those who refused to change their pagan ways. King Charlemagne’s reign was an obsession of mine for many years so I knew that what this musician had said was true. I don’t agree with his act but I understand where the anger had come from.

These pictures are not an affront to Christianity but rather those who have used the religion for power and abuse. The cross was never used as a symbol of Christian faith until Constantine commanded his soldiers to make a cross of spears before defeating his enemies in Rome and it has since been used by countless armies and empires as a weapon in their armament to murder hundreds of thousands…and the body count goes on.

All religions have blood on their hands but I grew up Catholic so this is the symbol I know better than all of the others.

This growing collection was compiled with inspiration from Bob Dylan’s “If God Is On Our Side.” Check it out if you haven’t yet heard the song.


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