Contemplating Miami While Relaxing in the Hotel

It’s nice to have some time to relax in this hotel room. Drills, bulldozers, towering cranes sound Downtown Miami’s radical alterations. The view outside is very different from the one I grew up with. There’s a bridge that crosses over the Miami River, bridging Biscayne Boulevard from Brickell. This area looked like a dump when I was a kid. It makes me wonder what NYC was like during its transformation in the late 1800s. Miami has such potential to be a truly great city and despite my near resentment of its materialistic ambitions, I have to remember that most people in this area are immigrants or the children of immigrants. I will never know what it’s like to have to leave your beloved country to because of political strife or less-than-hopeful economic or career opportunities. Does art play a significant role in Miami development? No…not yet (although it’s well on its way) but once the dust settles from these construction sites, it’ll again be the poor who decide the cultural directions of this flourishing Latin American capital.

While I consider the future of Miami’s fortunes, I admit that I’m finding difficulty leaving my hotel room. I’m enjoying the sounds; the cars rumbling on the bridge, the music of the breeze blowing the unusually dense fog from my former city’s streets but it doesn’t mean that I can’t find inspiration here — even if it’s a simple composition of a bottle of wine, a coaster, some brown sugar, and a cylindrical lamp.


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